I stopped blogging a while ago, mostly because I started using Google+ a lot more. But, Google+ isn't the greatest place to write about code or technical posts. The formatting options are quite limited, and code formatting is nonexistent.

My old website is hosted by Blogger, is a throwback to my time as a Windows developer. Windows Live Writer is a pretty fantastic tool, and was what I'd use to publish my posts. Along comes Android, spurring my switch to a Mac desktop environment. I'd run Windows in a VM to write to my blog. That workflow was fairly painful. Not to mention that the templates and customization options for blogger are quite lackluster anyways.

I've been in love with node.js, and found a lightweight blogging platform called Poet. After some minor tweaking, it supports the main/minimal features I wanted:

File based posts and Markdown

I like being able to go to Github, create a new file at koush.com, and edit it using their Markdown editor. You can view/fork/edit this post on Github.

Code snippets

I blog about code fairly often, so I need code snippets that look good. For example:

Simple Scripting

Furthermore, static sites are limited. Sometimes I want to do some server side scripting in my posts. This gives me the flexibility of being able to hack on the site and easily add dynamic content.


Expect more posts here. I hope.

I'm Back.<p>I stopped blogging a while ago, mostly because I started using <a href="https://plus.google.com/103583939320326217147/posts">Google+</a> a lot more.</p><p><a href="/post/first" title="Read more of I'm Back.">read more</a></p>