Looking for the Superuser recovery zip? Grab it here.

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Here's the specs on the stuff I use:


Macbook Pro - Late 2013 model

iPhone 6 Plus

Nexus 5 - Stock

iPad Air

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I've had some time to reflect after returning from the annual Big Android BBQ. As usual, the BBQ was a great place to forge new professional relationships, listen in on a variety of talks, or just hang out and have fun with fellow nerds. And just like years prior, I was approached by curious fans wanting to solicit my opinion or advice on some topic; which is always flattering.

The questions and comments were by and large positive, but unfortunately, like years prior, there was the inescapable dosage of irrational zealotry. Instead of Gnome vs KDE, we have CyanogenMod vs <Insert ROM>. [1] While developers and users battle over who is creating or using the Best Thing, they seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are masters of tiny domains, battling for e-cred on the internet. Android ROMs, like Linux, still have a 1% marketshare.

Multiple Android ROMs (and closer to home, Android recoveries) exist because different projects have different goals. They aren't necessarily better than each other. And I've long lost interest in participating in the tiresome debates and launching thinly veiled attacks in comments (and apparently presentations). [2] Every project has their own use case, their own driving itch; let them scratch it. Ultimately, every user is given a choice as to what software they want to run on their device. And that is a Good Thing. [3]

So, while everyone else is warring over who is the King of a Tiny Kingdom, I've been more interested in making the kingdom bigger. Most users think that when you buy a Samsung, an HTC, a Chromecast, or a Kindle, they are making their choice at the checkout counter. They believe they are buying an appliance, an unchangeable toaster. But what is really being purchased is a general purpose computer. A user’s choice shouldn’t end at the counter; that’s where it begins.

The motivation behind creating a CyanogenMod Installer isn’t to gain users over other ROMs; it’s to share our passion with a new, larger, audience.

[1] I had a great time on stage with Roman and Joshua from AOKP. Awesome fellows.

[2] I seem to be lumped in here with other people. Go ahead, Google around for me saying something negative about another Android ROM. You won't find one.

[3] Hell, I've been advocating building Facebook style chat heads (ie, HALO) into CyanogenMod.

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